アートの創造性と省エネ・環境技術を融合した光のアートフェスティバル「スマートイルミネーション」。象の鼻パークの遊び方展と題し様々なアートプログラムを展開した「ENJOY ZOU-NO-HANA」。そして、象の鼻にあったらいいなと思う未来の風景をテーマにアーティストや市民から公募し、10秒から10年までの「ある時間」に現れる100のアイデアを実現させた、開館10周年記念事業の「FUTURESCAPE PROJECT」。



【開催期間】2020年9月26日(土)〜10月11日(日) 10:00-18:00
【コア期間】2020年9月26日(土)・9月27日(日) 10:00-21:00
昼プログラム 10:00-18:00/夜プログラム 18:00-21:00

会場: 日本大通り駅三塔広場、象の鼻テラス、象の鼻パーク、日本大通り

入場料: 無料

参加アーティスト: KOSUGE1-16、KOSUGE1-16’s Kids、スイッチ総研、髙橋匡太、筧康明+赤塚大典+藤井樹里+吉川義盛+伊達亘+ハンチョンミン、カニエ・ナハ、米澤一平

参加大学: 城西国際大学メディア学部ニューメディアコース、チーム・ソラ(読売理工学院建築系学科+関東学院大学建築・環境学科)、東京大学 筧康明研究室、横浜市立大学 鈴木伸治研究室

参加企業・団体: 横浜ロータス、公益財団法人世界自然保護基金ジャパン(WWFジャパン)

At Zou-no-hana Terrace, we have organized extensive projects in our endeavor to apply the artistic creativity on society and propose innovative uses of public space.

Our past highlights include SMART ILLUMINATION, an art festival of light where artistic creativity was integrated with energy-saving and ecological technologies, ENJOY ZOU-NO-HANA, a project with expansive art programs under the theme of “how to enjoy ZOU-NO-HANA as a playground”, and FUTURESCAPE PROJECT, our 10th anniversary project where professional artists and ordinary citizens were invited to envision an ideal future landscape of ZOU-NO-HANA to realize a hundred ideas emerging at “a certain moment” between the span of ten seconds and ten years.

This year, we will launch a serial project where these projects staged in the public space are integrated as social experiments through a developmental approach. In our effort to contribute to the global struggle for coexistence with Covid-19 and to the fulfillment of SDGs, we engage in “food”, “health”, “environment”, “disaster”, “flowers and greens”, and “education” as six areas of focus through social experiments, education and diffusion, international exchange projects, etc., all of which take place in the public space. This year will mark the kickoff of the series. In addition to Zou-no-hana Terrace and the Park, we include Nihon-odori Station as the experiment field for various projects aiming to expand possibilities of public space through various subjects.


[Duration] 2020/9/26 Sat – 10/11 Sun 10:00-18:00
* Some programs are held in NIGHT TIME

[Core Term] 2020/9/26 Sat – 9/27 Sun
DAY TIME 10:00-18:00 / NIGHT TIME 18:00-21:00
* Some programs will be postponed to 28th (Mon) in case of bad weather.

[Venue] Santo Square/Nihon-odori Station, Zou-no-hana Park, Zou-no-hana Terrace, Nihon-odori Street

[Entrance] Free

KOSUGE1-16, KOSUGE1-16’s Kids, Switch Research Institute, Kyota Takahashi, Yasuaki Kakehi + Daisuke Akatsuka + Juri Fujii + Yoshimori Yoshikawa + Wataru Date + Joung Min Han, Naha Kanie, Ippei Yonezawa

Josai International University Faculty of Media Studies New Media Course Team A/B, team SKY, Yasuaki Kakehi Lab., The University of Tokyo, Nobuharu Suzuki Laboratory, Yokohama City University

YOKOHAMA LOTUS, World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF)


1 日本大通り駅三塔広場/2 象の鼻パーク/3 水際エリア/4 芝生エリア(開港の丘)/5 象の鼻テラス屋上/6 広場エリア(開港波止場)/7 広場エリア(山下臨港線プロムナード下)/8 象の鼻テラス/9 日本大通り/10 オンライン/